Halos And Horns

by The Rhythm Messiahs

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HALOS (optional honesty headbands)
= blind can see, deaf can hear, jailed innocents freed, locked in can speak

Measure the brain energy wave spectrum up beyond the auditory with one worn halo: the inner monologue has its own frequency range (isolated from outer sounds). Tactile, auditory, and suggestive visuals can be transferred head-to-head by blasting the wave spectrum signal via another worn halo.

Signals can be recorded & split into “what I hear” + “what I think”-- these coincide with speech. Correlating the data (via computer connectionism and/or finding an equation-functional relation between the two frequency range data streams) brings the inner voice out: the inner voice heard on an external speaker + speech to text conversion. Reverse: deaf can hear with non-invasive hearing aid; blind will see shapes and colors even if they don't have eyes.

HORNS (remote listening and control antennas)
= urged thoughts & vicarious crimes + lifestyles of the rich & famous

Interior 2-way transceiver planted via a b-line from the Eustachian tube, anchored in the skull interior, in front of the ear canal (left side = language centers, stereo & full body reach regardless)-- rectenna powered.

Multiple, parallel, low frequency radio signals (below digital AM) for bandwidth increases going through land masses with very sensitive receiver equipment (like hearing Voyager).


"Halos and Horns" front cover key:

CT scan locates a Brain Energy-wave Transceiver

Seen on the right side of the Computed Tomography (CT) Scan of JD Casten's skull interior, in front of ear canal (tympanic chamber)-- circled by a "halo"-- verifiable: CT scan is in JD Casten's online medical records.

a) It is small enough to be inserted via the Eustachian tubes (no skull breach necessary, no scar tissue)

b) It is in the location where verbal thoughts have been decoded via electrode nets

c) It is located on the left side of the brain (language is processed on the left side; CT scan is L/R reversed)

d) It is anchored to the interior of the skull so it would not move around (mounting problem solved)

e) There is evidence of calcification (calcium build-up that occurs with implants in body)

f) It is geometric (not organic) and has a node with two prongs, suggesting a micro-electronic device

g) It is more dense than air, but less dense than bone (possibly some sort of plastic or other material)

h) It is probably powered via rectenna & signals via low frequency radio (see above)

i) Evidence of device in JD Casten's head since 1991


released May 1, 2014

composed & produced by JD Casten
©2014 Post Egoism Media • postegoism.net




The Rhythm Messiahs Eugene

The Rhythm Messiahs is a music project of 24/7 thought broadcaster and multi-medium artist JD Casten.

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